We Take Pleasure In Building Restaurant Websites

It started with a taco plate. We had grown accustom to using a popular app to have our favorite Mexican restaurant deliver our tacos right to our door. Then one day it just stopped. When we checked the app, they were gone. Frantically we called the restaurant hoping we could still get them before it was too late. To our disbelief we were told there would be no more online ordering because of the increasing transaction costs.

A simple order of rice and beans was listed at $13.00! The app listed a “transaction fee” of $5.00 that was on top of the delivery fee and everything else. Realizing this “transaction fee” was going directly to the app provider, we decided something needed to be done. Looking around the table, we saw 25 years of collective experience in web development and graphic arts. At that moment, Epikyoor was born.  It was then we declared, “Death to the transaction fee.”

We build the best websites you could ever want. We build them fast and to your specification. We believe in complete ownership without group listings with competitors. We believe you should keep ALL of the profit from your online order. We believe it is just that simple.

Our dedication to professionalism shows in keeping our deadlines, keeping you informed and excellence in design. Thank you for taking the time to read about Epikyoor. We hope that we have the opportunity to show you a better website experience.

The Staff of Epikyoor

Demo Restaurant Websites

Simple Site Demo
Standard Site Demo
Complete Site Demo
Custom Site Demo