We can add the online ordering system to any WordPress site and customize it for you. If you do not have a WordPress website we can install a WordPress site into a subdomain on your server such as order.yourwebsite.com or menu.yourwebsite.com. In fact, you can customize the subdomain to be whatever you want. This type of installation keeps the customer inside your web server and domain structure. This method has several natural benefits. If you would like more information about a subdomain based online ordering solution, please give us a call and we will explain in depth.

Not a problem! We can help you register the domain name and start the process of owning your first website!

No problem. Domains do not have to be at the same location as the hosting. Pointing a domain to host is a very simple process with most registrars. A few of them have the controls buried and it takes a bit more time to change, but always possible. To point your domain you will simply need to change your DNS or domain name servers.

A domain name server resolves the hosting IP address with your domain (www.mywebsitename.com)

Typically we handle the domain name changes for our clients. When utilizing a CDN the DNS is a two step process. First the domain is pointed to the host to load the website into the networks, then 3 days later we point the DNS to the CDN. This allows the networks to cache the website first.

CDN stands for Cloud Distribution Network. A CDN uploads the website to the cloud and into a cache. This system allows for faster downloading of website graphics and images by utilizing geo-targeted downloads of the content. Utilizing a CDN mainly address the latency problem with website but also addresses other issue like reducing bandwidth and global availability. Latency is the amount of time it takes your host server to process incoming requests for page resources. Latency is typically affected by the distance of the user from the server and is increased by the amount of resources a page contains.

We can schedule virtual training seminars for your staff members for a small fee. We also offer one-on-one training for a more technical understanding of the system. This type of training is best utilized for photography, understanding the menu system and functionality.

Yes, we do. Technical support can be used for website functionality issues and hosting issues, if hosted with our providers. Technical support is not offered for hosting with other providers. Typically your hosting company will have their own support.

By default your orders are emailed to you. We can help you set up your email system to be as efficient as possible. If you own a fax machine or wish to have your orders faxed to you, we can install a email to fax plugin that will allow your orders to be faxed to you.

Yes. We encourage it in every situation. We have several guidelines to follow when choosing photography to ensure the highest quality imagery. We can also assist you in the process of generating photography. Often, with some guidance, we can even use cell phone camera images for websites. Strict guidelines must be follow to achieve these results but it CAN be done.

Yes. We purchase the images directly from Fotolia and transfer full rights to the owner of the website.

WordPress developers work tirelessly to keep the CMS secure from hackers. The reality is that websites are all susceptible to hackings. There is no hosting company or website that is absolutely secure. If a hacker wants into your website they will spend the time to hack into it. Fortunately there are tools to make your website nearly impossible to hack. We utilize WordPress plugins on every installation that act as gatekeepers against hackers. These plugins are able to black list country IP address so you can block entire countries if needed. The plugins also combat against brute force attacks.

Absolutely! We will provide a comprehensive walk though on your website. We will show you how to create user accounts, assign user privileges, post blogs, upload images and edit your menus. We also provide maintenance services if you do not want to update the website yourself.

Single options such as “Add Chicken” or “Add Cheese” can be added easily. More complex options or multiple options can be added for a small programing fee depending on the quantity of options. Websites that are designed for pizza restaurants include menu customizations as they are typically custom websites.

If you would like to add the options we are more than happy to show you how.

Cash on delivery is the default payment method on all online ordering systems. You can add PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Payments and PayFast for no charge. Other payment gateways are available but for a fee from the software developers. You can view all available gateways here.

All of the hosting accounts from our hosting provider allow for unlimited emails accounts that have 250MB of storage. Email accounts that exceed the 250MB will need to be cleaned by the owner of the email account to maintain functionality. This means periodically the owner of the specific email account will need to log into the webmail server with their credentials and delete needless emails. The reason for this procedure is to minimize emails sitting needlessly on the server. Often people will not manage email accounts and the size of the email file will hit the Gigabyte level. This dramatically affects server performance.

Simple websites allow for your logo, primary and secondary colors, background image, all images throughout the website, the three main containers at the bottom of the home page, and your photo gallery to be customized.

Standard websites allow for your system fonts, slider images and messages, primary and retina logo, primary and secondary colors, favicon, all online ordering menu colors, background image, all images throughout the website, the three main containers at the bottom of the home page, and your photo gallery to be customized.

Complete websites allow for your system fonts, slider images and messages, page display style, menu images, primary and retina logo, primary and secondary colors, favicon, all online ordering menu colors background image, all images throughout the website, the three main containers at the bottom of the home page, secondary content area at the bottom of the home page, and your photo gallery to be customized.

Custom website is fully custom matching your brand or specifications exactly.

Our completion rate is affect by several factors:

  1. How fast you can provide requested materials, such as logo, photos or content
  2. How fast you can view and approve changes

Our completion averages are as follows:

  1. Simple website – 1 week
  2. Standard website – 1 – 2 weeks
  3. Complete Website – 2 weeks
  4. Custom Website – 3 – 4 weeks

A hosting provider is a company that allows you to have website files on their web server. Some web hosting companies are also domain registrars. These companies also register domain names so that you can have both payments in the same place. You do not need to have your website files in the same place you register your domain. There are many types of hosting packages out there. Most shared hosting packages have hundreds and hundreds of sites sharing the same processor. Our hosting provider utilizes very fast processors and limits the amount of websites per server.

A Merchant Provider is a company that processes credit cards and makes deposits into your bank account. This company can be the same company that you use to process credit cards in your restaurant. Typically Merchant Providers have a merchant code that is provided to the gateway company allowing online transactions to occur.

A Merchant Gateway is typically provided by Authorize.net and other Gateway providers. This mechanism allows the website to communicate with the Merchant Provider or credit card company. Some Merchant Providers like Stripe and PayPal do not require you to have a separate gateway for communication.

An SSL Certificate provides a secure socket layer for your payment gateway. If you are planning to take credit cards online you need one. This secures the transaction and ensures it cannot be hacked. Often hackers retrieve credit card information that has been stored for future use and not when data is in transmission. An SSL certificate typically costs $49. We have an agreement with our hosting provider to supply the certificates free of charge as long as you remain with the hosting provider.