Effective Restaurant Marketing Solutions

Marketing a restaurant website can be a difficult task for a restauranteur. The simple fact is that you should be concerned with other aspects of the business and assign marketing duties to either an agency or a manager. We often find that managers are not well suited for marketing and your typical agency can be quite expensive. Our partnership solutions allow us to negotiate better pricing on many marketing services with third party vendors. We are offering assistance in core marketing services that are essential to your restaurants success. These services cover email marketing, email marketing list creation, customer loyalty, search engine optimization, and graphic design services for printed projects.

Email Marketing – Loyalty Program

Getting a person in the door is one goal to accomplish when owning a restaurant. Getting them to return is something completely different and making them a loyal customer can seem nearly impossible. Often restauranteurs are too busy engaged in the day-to-day running of the restaurant to even think of starting an email program. Email marketing is something that is off in the horizon, a feat to accomplish. Our email marketing program is the perfect loyalty program for any size restaurant.

Automatically send Welcome, Birthday and Wedding Anniversary emails to every subscriber on your list. Our program also facilitates custom emails that can be sent for promotions, events or holiday greetings. The greatest thing about our program is the simplicity, just approve your email designs and that is it! We can manage and import your lists, we can clean the lists to ensure only good emails are on the send list, we can create custom and loyalty emails that are graphically stunning and match your current branding. Below are a few examples of Loyalty emails we have designed.

Digital Check Presenters by Encore ePad

We have partnered with Encore ePad to provide high quality digital check presenters to our clients. Encore ePad has developed a sophisticated yet easy to use email collection program. The digital check presenter replaces your traditional check presenter and immediately prompts your customers to join your loyalty program. The Encore ePad has an advanced API system that communicates with approved email providers. This allows the transmission of your signups to your email list automatically. Encore ePad also offers a host of critical information via their client portal. Features like tracking each ePad independently, detailed usage reports, detailed customer interaction, and effortless data collection help establish the highest list building rates in the industry.

Search Engine Optimization by Cheap SEO Solutions

Cheap SEO Solutions offers competitive Internet marketing services for businesses across all industries. Founded in 2006, our centralized focus is to help your small business succeed without excess expenditure. Our packages and A la Carte items can dramatically boost your page ranking without long term commitments or over priced “hidden work” that cannot be verified. Our team of SEO experts and professional marketers will keep your project on point with unnecessary delays or budget increases. We are dedicated to maximizing your ROI and to showcase your company the way you see it. We are here to support your ambitions to realize your dreams.

Graphic Design Services

Our graphic design services can be applied to a host of business needs. Our graphic design team can assist you in creating the perfect business card, redesign your existing menus, create stellar magazine advertisements, design custom holiday emails,  and so much more. We can also design ads for your Google Adwords account if you are using Google Display Ads as a form of marketing.

Are graphic design services can also be used to enhance your social media experience. Our graphic design services can literally be applied to any aspect of your restaurant needs. We have a network of printers we work with to provide excellent printing services at reasonable costs. Below are just a few samples of ads we designed for the Houston Where Magazine.