Epicure |epi-kyo͝or| – noun

a person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink. 

We take great pleasure in creating websites for our clients. The same type of pleasure many of our clients find in crafting a unique dish. Our goal is to create a perfect harmony of design flavor, add just a dash of salt, and serve it to the world to see. This is what we do best. We help you pepper your brand and prepare it for the web.

Epikyoor was founded to provide complete web solutions for restaurants. We have seen so many companies that take their piece of YOUR pie so they can list you, along with your competitors, in a mindless app with the sole purpose to collect fees. Not us, not ever. We firmly believe in the death of the “per transaction” fee.

Our design system is flexible enough to provide websites that range from simply a basic presence to custom online ordering systems.  We can also build out online ordering systems that attach to your existing website without sending your customers to a completely different domain. Epikyoor is the cure to the common website.

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Features Designed For Success

Every Website Needs A Great Foundation

Simplfied Management

Worry-free updates and security. We keep your website 100% updated and running without interruptions.

Assign Users To Check Orders

Our online ordering system comes with user logins so you can assign staff members permission to process your online orders.

Responsive Website Design

Our websites are designed to look great on all devices by understanding the screen size of the browser intuitively.

Why Does Responsive Matter?

Responsive sites serve adjustable layouts that fit exactly depending on the size and orientation of the device that is being used. The result is design consistency across all platforms.

Online Ordering System

Our online ordering systems work on desktops, tablets and phones, allowing customers to order from anywhere.

The Power Of Woo

WooCommerce is our core e commerce application because of it’s flexibility, strength and modularity. Easily add payment from Stripe, PayPal or Authorize.net

Beautiful Stock Imagery

Epikyoor offers access to professional stock photography that can be used for the website and advertising.

Can I Use My Own Photos?

Absolutely. The only criteria is the size of the image. We will help guide you through the photography process to ensure your site looks it’s best.

Repeat Orders/Coupons

Customers can easily reorder any of their previous orders with one click and apply coupons at checkout.

How Do Your Coupons Work?

Our system can easily generate custom coupon codes for percent discounts, BOGOs, and more. The codes can be user specified or generated.

Free Lifetime SSL/CDN

Never buy an SSL certificate again. All our web sites get free SSL certificates for the lifetime of the site. *

What Is A CDN?

A CDN is a cloud distribution network that decreases the load time of your website tremendously. We utilize Cloud Flare CDN on all our sites.

Intelligent Website Packages


Robust Online Ordering

The Strength Of WooCommerce

Our online ordering system uses WooCommerce as the core application for processing online orders. WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control. Using a reliable core e-commerce application is essential to ensure error-free transactions. WooCommerce has proven itself to be such an application, time and time again.


Easy Website Marketing


Live Website Demos

Our demos are fully functioning so you can test the system for yourself


Website Enhancements Can Be Added Anytime

Fast and Easy Integration

Our website designs are modular in nature and features can be added anytime you see fit. This means down the road if you want animated sliders on your site we can add them without having to redesign the entire site. We understand that sometimes it takes everything to get those doors open. It might be that you can only start with a simple web presence but have aspirations of taking online orders in the future. This is absolutely 100% possible with our system.

Home page animated sliders can include restaurant signature dishes, advertisements, coupons and more. Standard adn custom sliders are available.
Display your restaurant photographs in a beautiful animated photo gallery. All galleries have image pop-ups with internal navigation so the customer can see all of the images without needing to exit.
We can add the online ordering module to our simple website package or to your existing website.
Our system is compatible with most third party reservation systems like OpenTable. We can also provide form based or plugin based solutions.
Utilizing WordPress as the CMS allows us to explore thousands of open source plugins that increase and enhance functionality.

Beautiful animated photo galleries and sliders to showcase your restaurant.


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