Restaurant Ordering Online Has Never Been Easier

Our online ordering system is the exact solution your restaurant needs. At Epikyoor, we design our websites to make it not only easier for your customers to place orders with your restaurant, but for you to manage the back end of things. The combination of WooCommerce and WordPress makes managing and fulfilling orders simple. When your menu is available online, your customers can order from you at any time. They will have access to your upcoming specials, your catering menu, even the chance to book for special seating events like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. They can bookmark your site, and have instant access, any time.

The Ordering Process

Once your customers have browsed through your menu, they can place the order online, at any time. If they’re planning to pick up dinner on the way home from Friday’s soccer practice, it’s no problem. If they want to book a reservation for Sunday after church? Super easy. If a busy dad realizes that he forgot that it’s his night to cook, he can place his order on his device while he’s at the office, then pick up his meal on the way home. And because your new custom restaurant website saves their information, it will be easy for him to add his kids’ favorite dinner to his order. It really is that easy!

There are several payment options to simplify the ordering process. You may have the customers pay at pick up, cash on delivery for those offering delivery, or online payments via Stripe, PayPal or your merchant service provider. Once a customer places an order, it gets busy in the kitchen! A copy of the order gets sent to your restaurant fax or email in real time.

My Account Features

Account Management

The landing area for the “my account” feature offers links to configure the other sections of the My Account page. Customers can manage their billing and delivery location, update password and complete profile information easily within the my accounts page.

Order History/Repeat Orders

Customers can easily view their order history and choose to order again with a simple click. The contents of the entire order are immediately enter into the shopping cart and the customer is taken directly to the check out screen. Very fast and very effective.

Backend Management

WooCommerce is full of great management features. Easily add order notes to any of your customer orders and log customer activity. Complete order actions like refunding, status changes or reorders with ease. Sort orders by order number, date or search for customer name directly. Add tax, sales price, and product descriptions fast and easy.

Product Options

Production options can be added for items that are optional to the main dish. These programable variables can increase the base price by a fixed amount. Our custom package also facilitates product option images which allow for separate images to be associated to the options.

Product/Menu Management

Our system allows you to easily update any of the product information and manage menu items effectively. Easily add items to your menu one at a time or download the entire menu and manage from within a spread sheet. Easily select if items will be available for online ordering or excluded. Create menus that have no online ordering features for display purposes only. Add nutritional information and ingredients lists from within the menu item. Menu management has never been so easy!

Reporting/Customer Data

Each online ordering system comes with the ability to generate comprehensive sales reports. Sort reports by Week, Month or Year and by Orders and Customers. Create coupons for online promotions and easily track their effectiveness with custom reports for coupons. Easily track gross sales, net sales, daily sales, orders placed and refunds all from one location. All reports can be exported to CSV files for importing into other applications. All online ordering systems have their own databases to house client information. This information can also be exported to CVS files in standard or custom templates. Easily export your customer names and email address to import into email marketing programs for online promotions.